Light 'n Go Bonfire Jumbo Log
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Light 'n Go Bonfire Jumbo Log

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Light 'n Go Bonfire Jumbo Log

The Bonfire Log is new, unique, and the most extraordinary innovation in firewood of our time. Put it virtually anywhere and create a beautiful bonfire with one match. No chemicals, just pure kiln dried beautiful white birch, with a paperboard firestarter, with its patent pending design, delivers a great fire and an instant good time. Bonfire Logs can be enjoyed in a fire pit, chimnea, or fireplace, indoors or out. Take them camping, cook marshmallows or hotdogs on a stick, or drop a frying pan on the log for eggs. It's year round instant entertainment, never easier or cooler.

Can be used both indoors and out
Lights with 1 match
All natural product
Bonfire log burns more than 1.5 hours while the bonfire jumbo log burns for about 2.5 hours